The Rotary Foundation Grants    
(Program Year 2017 - 2018)
District Grant Application and MOU for 2017-2018 are available for download (on the left)

District Grant Report forms for 2016-2017   are on the left

District Grants opened 1st July 2016
     and Applications Close on 5th August 2016
Files for Download are on the left of this Page. The two documents are required to be completed for your club to be reimbursed for expenditure on the approved project submitted to the District Grants Committee.
District 9500 Addendum – 2016 - 17
The following District documents & seminar/workshops form part of the requirements for Club Qualification in District 9500.
  1. Club Eligibility for District Grants
Your club must:-
  1. Have signed the Memorandum of Understanding with the District.
  2. Have signed the Memorandum of Understanding for The Rotary Foundation.
  3. Have at least one representative of the club attend the District Foundation Seminar.
  4. Be current in payment of dues to District and Rotary International.
  5. Be current in meeting the reporting requirements on open Global and District Grants.
  6. Have completed the Foundation Fundraising Goal form for the Current Year.

  7.  The Rotary Club must be able to demonstrate active support for the Rotary Foundation Programs in particular;
    1. A record of financial support for The Rotary Foundation Annual Programs Fund for current and previous years.
(The Goal for the Annual Programs Fund is to raise $100 per Rotarian per Club per year. Club support for the program will ensure our clubs and District can actively support Humanitarian Projects in those locations in the world where humanitarian help is most needed.)
Additional information in relation to District Grants.
District Grants fund short-term projects and activities, either local or
International, that support the Foundation’s mission. Clubs submit their
Funding requests to the district, which administers and distributes the funds.
  1. District Grant - Budget:
    1. The level of funding for a project will depend on available resources.
    2. District Grant funds will be on a $ for $ Match to club contributions, and will be paid by the Foundation Committee on a reimbursement process.
    3. Minimum grant is $1,000.
  1. District Grants REQUIRE active Rotarian participation but do not require a partner
  1. Reporting & Publicity requirements are an essential component of any Grant.
    1. The minimum requirements are articles with photos in:
i.   DG’s Newsletter.
ii.  Presentations at Conference / Training Seminars if requested.
iii. Article in RDU is desirable.
iv. Article in local press is desirable.
  1. District Grant applications must address the Rotary Foundations Mission or one of the 6 Areas of Focus.
  1. Application for District Grants must be submitted on the official application form.
(The “boxes” in the word document expand).
  1. All applications will be considered by the District Grant Committee members at a meeting of the Grants Committee and advised of the deliberations and outcome.
  1. The process for consideration of all District Grant applications will be open and transparent.
  1. Grants approved must be finalised within the District Grant reporting timeline, (for 2016-2017 the final report is due with supporting documentation by May 31st 2017 or the funds will be reimbursed to the Rotary Foundation.)
  1. Closing date for District Grant Reports is May 31st 2017.
The District can only apply once in the Rotary Year for its District Grant allocation. The application by the committee must be on the appropriate form on-line, and include the following information for each project being proposed.
  1. Club Name,       
  2. Project Name & description,
  3. Project Budget (total budget).
Each project submitted by clubs will be considered on its merit, the level of funding for a project will depend on available resources. The committee cannot guarantee that any one project will be fully funded as it will depend on the number of applications received. 
Queries to either John Rowe or Doug Layng
Doug Layng
Chair District Rotary Foundation 2016 - 2019
Email:     Mobile:  0418 882 144