2017-2018 Vision Statement

Endorsed by 2017/18 Club Presidents at 2017 LRN events
Peter Schaefer - 2017/18 District  Governor
                             A vision for the year
I intend to deliver exemplary governance, management and leadership and operate within a District culture that supports the efforts of our Clubs and their members.
Without favour I intend to focus on:
  • Further building of a cohesive relationship between Clubs and the District.
  • Assist the District and Clubs to embrace the challenges and opportunities that arise from the creation of the new District.
  • Encouraging Clubs to take up environmental projects, such as tree planting at Calperum Station.
  • Increasing membership as a continuing priority for Clubs and the District.
  • Viewing project engagement by members as more important than meeting attendance and that Clubs move towards quantifying the dollar value of volunteering in their clubs.
  • Supporting Clubs and the District to become more diverse and inclusive by developing close relationships with organisations that include under-represented groups.
  • Encourage Clubs to engage with at least one International project.
  • Encourage Clubs to undertake local projects and exploit the opportunities that arise to gain credit, recognition and publicity for their clubs and as an opportunity to attract new members.