Roberta is a fifth generation South Australian and comes from a family of merchants and entertainment entrepreneurs.  Born and educated in Adelaide, she became a kindergarten teacher, later a Director, and trained students.  In her late teens and early twenties she began a small swimming school and also a creative group.

Roberta worked at London's Harrods to satisfy a curiosity in retailing and pursued this back in Sydney with David Jones where she became a buyer after undertaking their Senior Executive Training Course.  During that time Roberta married Geoff Ellershaw. Roberta later joined the family business, Waterman's Furniture, and found it beneficial to promote the family name in the business, using her maiden name for both career and now in Rotary.

She has had external training at the Mt Eliza Staff College, Victoria completing the first ever all female course for those in senior positions in both the Public & Private sector.

Roberta is currently CEO of the family business which has been operating for 53 years and has held such external positions as the Vice President of the SA Furniture Retailers Association, and Director of National Buying Groups.

In Rotary Roberta has served as Club Vocational Director, Club President and Assistant District Governor - Vocational.  Last year Geoff was the President for the Rotary Club of Woodville where they are both members.

Roberta and Geoff have two children and three grandchildren, all of whom are in Adelaide.  Roberta's relaxation pursuits include reading (having been a member of the same book club for over 30 years) and she has a passion for gardening and cooking, enjoys swimming, sailing as well as walking and meeting people. Her passion for Rotary has developed as she has learnt more of the people and projects that Rotary embraces. "It is a privilege to belong".