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This page has all the resources as presented at the combined District PETS  April 7th - 8th, and files from  'Leading Rotary Now'  28th April. Files can be downloaded from the list on the left.
Video recorded Saturday 7th April:
Andrew Best

Rotary International South Pacific and Philippines Office: Club and District support
Andrew is a positive communicator with a strong ability to engage people from all levels of business and the community sector. His focus is to support others and provide service activities within his local community and the broader catchment. Andrew is task driven and active both in and out of the workplace.

“Leadership is not about titles, positions or flowcharts, it is about one life influencing another”
                                                                                                                John C Maxwell

Dr. Fiona Kerr

Scientist, Speaker, Author, Consultant: We shape our brains constantly all through our lives. How do we do this? How do we shape each other? How does technology shape us? And how should we shape technology? Dr Fiona Kerr is investigating these questions, and more, as she engages with business leaders, policy-makers, engineers, scientists and thought leaders.
Dr Kerr combines her research and consulting roles with keynote speaking engagements in Australia and overseas. Her highly engaging presentation style shares a fresh perspective on both human interaction and technological transformation, exploring how we shape each other, how technology shapes us, and how we should shape technology for a human-centric future.
As part of her quest to engage academia, industry, government and the wider public in informed debate, Dr Kerr has presented to a large range of audiences in Australia, Europe and North America.
Click here to see her presentations.
“We are hard wired to connect. When human beings who trust each other interact face to face, their capacity to have a positive cognitive effect on each other’s brain and body is something which no robot or screen has”.
RI Video - State of Rotary Membership
This brief video will help you learn who is joining — and who is leaving — and the opportunities we all have to make membership a top priority.
We’ve designed this presentation to be shared: You can easily regionalize the speaker notes in this 15-slide PowerPoint to create a custom presentation for Rotarians.
Child Protection presentation by Rick Henke


RI President Elect Barry Rassin   -  8min version