2018 Rotary International Convention  TOTONTO



Subject: Rotary Toronto Convention Promotion
I hope everyone is doing well and ready to take on the challenge of promoting Ian Riseley’s Convention in Toronto.
Atlanta was an incredible convention and a good warm-up for the main event – TORONTO, WHERE THERE IS INSPIRATION AROUND EVERY CORNER!
It is now time to be in full swing of promoting Toronto in your district and using all of the resources available to you.

Rotary International President Ian Riseley invites you to the 109th Rotary International Convention in Toronto, Canada. Learn more at www.riconvention.org
Websites – These are the main websites for you to be very familiar with and these are extremely helpful tools.
1) RI Convention Website - http://www.riconvention.org/en
From this site you can link to the HOC site and also find the information that RI has produced for our use including the Promotion Kit. This is the site that attendees will use to register for the Convention and find accommodation.
From this site you can link to the RI Convention Website. This is the site that attendees will use to register for the HOC events; find out about the House of Friendship; and find out more about Toronto. I would suggest you check back often
to see the latest information.

This is your go-to site for all of the tools you will need.
- Videos – the latest videos from RI. These will be updated regularly.
- Power Point – a power point you can use and adapt to your needs.
- Brochures and Fliers – download brochures to print locally
- Pop-up Banner – print your banners locally for your presentations to Zone Institutes and District events.
Please keep in contact with me about help you may need and how you are going in encouraging people to attend.
Our aim is to get plenty of people to Toronto Pronto!
Warm Regards
Evan Burrell
Zone 7b& 8 Representative
Toronto Convention Promotions Committee
Mob 0404061981