The future of Rotary depends on a thriving and dynamic membership.
It is only through the time and talents of our volunteers that we are able to make a difference in communities worldwide.

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Recognising the importance of membership development, the Board of Rotary International has set a goal to increase membership globally by 3% in each of the next three years. It has also recognised that conditions for membership vary considerably, and so has endorsed the development of regional membership plans to support this plan for growth.

In Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific Islands, Rotarians share this commitment to membership development. There is great goodwill to build on our strengths in service, to reverse recent declines in membership, and to welcome in a new period of growth.

This membership development plan for Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific Islands provides a roadmap to growth over the 2012-2015 period. It suggests that there are five important areas of focus: (i) membership diversity, (ii) informed and skilled Rotarians, (iii) innovative and flexible clubs, (iv) strategic partnerships, and a (v) well recognised, understood and trusted Rotary brand.

Yet a plan is simply that – a plan. Its success will depend on the commitment and efforts of Rotarians as they steer the course to membership development and growth.


ROTARY is when business/professionals like you come together to build life long friendships and enjoy quality fellowship in order to go out to do meaningful and selfless service in the society under one banner, ROTARY; Rotary is nothing more and nothing less.

ROTARY is an International organization that serves community both locally and internationally. The membership consists of professional men and women working together in an organization of fellowship and service. Their successes are not individual but rather team driven success that result in life changing events around the world.

Rotary is an organization of business and professional persons united worldwide in friendship & understanding, while providing humanitarian service, encouraging high ethical standards in all vocations and helping build goodwill and peace in the world.


"Where to from here?"

Article by PDG Noel Trevaskis, Rotary Coordinator

A lot of Rotarians have seen the Membership Plan for Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands which has been presented at various PETS and District Assemblies across the Zone over the last few months. The goal of the Membership Development Committee is to have a minimum growth of 3% of our membership per year for at least the next three years this target fits in with the overall target set by Rotary International.

It is all very well to have a plan but it needs to be presented to as wide an audience as possible for us to have any chance of achieving our goal. The Membership Development Committee will continue to roll out the plan to clubs and districts over the next few months.

District Membership Chairs and members of Membership Committees, Assistant Governors, and District Trainers will all have the opportunity to be trained on the plan. Club members will also be able to participate in those sessions. The committee will be organising Webinars on membership later in the year for Rotarians to be able to participate in.

The Membership Development plan has the support and commitment of RI Director John Boag, and all of the District Governors, District Governors Elect and District Governor Nominees. It is that type of support that will help us achieve our target.

Some clubs and members may feel overwhelmed when they hear of the 3% target; I want to put that into perspective so that people can see that it isn’t such a daunting task.

If your club has 30 members it means your membership in the next twelve months will increase to 31, fifty members will have 52 members. Clubs will need to replace any members who leave their club plus gain the extra members required to give it a net gain of 3%. Retention of our current membership will be critical if we want to achieve our target.

If each club were to form their club into teams of three members with each team given the goal of bringing in a minimum of one new member each year the target would be easily achieved. A club of thirty members, ten teams of three, each team brings in a minimum of one new member, result ten new members!

I believe it is practical for every club to form their club into teams of three. If every team brought in a minimum of one new member each year our membership problems would be solved. However our clubs need to be “right” for the new members. I cannot emphasise how critical it is for our clubs to be “right”. Well run, organised, involved in the community, locally and internationally, welcoming and friendly to all people. Clubs need to have all their members involved in the club and involved in Rotary. All clubs need to make sure that they retain their current members; they need to look after all of their members. Members need to feel needed and they need to be involved, if they feel needed and if they are involved they will stay, Rotary has to be fun for them! If people are having fun in a club they will stay, fun is infectious and will contribute to the life of your club.

So, where to from here? For the Membership Development plan to be successful we need every Rotarian and every club involved in helping gain new members and helping to keep our membership. Club Presidents and Presidents Elect have to drive membership in their club without their support and commitment it won’t happen.