1. Myth – ring pulls ARE NOT sent to Thailand.
2. Pulls do NOT contain Titanium.
Made from high quality aluminium, and sold to Sims Scrap metal
dealers. The funds from this goes to RAWCS in Western Australia and is then sent to Thailand, through reputable channels.
2500 ring pulls = 1 Kg aluminium
7 sets of joints are made from money paid for this 1 Kg of ring pulls.
Any amputee is eligible. Amputations from birth defects, chronic diabetes, cancer, snake bite – as well as land mines and accidents – and are provided free of charge. Recipients are not only from Thailand but also Malaysia and other nearby countries. It is hoped to soon have mobile clinics up country, and in Myanmar,
Laos and Cambodia.
Limbs are provided from the main base in Chang Mai on land donated by the Army.
A “farmer” prosthesis (a very utilitarian version that won’t get damaged by water, mud etc – for a below the knee fitting – costs about 500 Baht, (AUD $17)
A “cosmetic” or social limb costs about 1000 Baht, or $34 AUD
Even an elephant can wear a prosthetic limb!
This is a Rotary project coordinated by the Rotary Club of Barossa Valley. The Rotary Club of Walkerville is actively supporting them and has a network of schools, clubs and individuals collecting ring pulls. This project has been going for 10 years.

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